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Voluntary Title Registration

The Scottish Government has asked Registers of Scotland to complete the country’s Land Register by 2024 for privately owned land and property and by 2019 for publicly owned property on a map based system. Currently, 42% of all Scottish properties are not on the Land Register but sit within the old Sasine Register. This 42% represents approximately 73% of Scotland’s land.

Property owners are being encouraged by the Registers of Scotland to voluntarily register their title within the Land Register. The reason for this is that the map based system provides clarity of title and greater certainty and security about what is owned. Land Registration also includes a state backed warranty of the title deed.

The drive behind this is partly political in order to create openness and visibility about who owns property in Scotland.

‘Our commitment is to take reasonable steps to ensure that ownership of land is visible and to ensure that landowners or their named representatives are accessible and contactable,’ said David Johnstone, chairman of Scottish Land and Estates.

At The McKinstry Company we have a dedicated expert Property Team who are well informed and able to provide you with the advice and guidance on this voluntary registration process.

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