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Business Acquisition

Now that we are well on the way out of the most severe recession most of us will ever have experienced there are several business opportunities in all aspects of commerce across the spectrum of manufacture, retail, investment, service, construction and e-commerce.

Our Business Law department has the necessary experience to guide both those seeking to dispose of their business to take advantage of the continuing generous and benign tax arrangements which apply on disposal of a business, and equally those who wish to take advantage of the new opportunities which a more buoyant mercantile market is producing for start-ups, mergers, acquisitions and general entrepreneurial behaviour.

Banks and others are now releasing funds more readily and there are a host of opportunities reflective of the general upturn in the economy which, for example, the more active housing market and recent retail figures have demonstrated.

Our experienced team headed up by Graeme McKinstry can advise on the structure of the deal, funding arrangements and guide you through all of the t’s to be crossed and i’s to be dotted focusing on contracts, covenants, undertakings, warranties and indemnities. We can take the pain out of the fine print to get the deal completed.

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